9/11/2001 As the High Water Mark of American Unity

I remember two feelings from the September 11th terrorist attack and the immediate aftermath. The first might in reality be a backwards projection of my thoughts now, a confabulated memory informed by the events of the past sixteen years. That feeling was that something "big" had happened. I was in middle school then, and the... Continue Reading →


Perception of the Source of Disruption

Above all else, the Eternal Normie hates disruption. He is content to go to work, come home, perhaps buy a few items on Amazon. If there isn't a good game on ESPN there's always Netflix. This feels good to him, feels normal. Occasionally, and ever more frequently events occur that disturb the current "normal" and... Continue Reading →

Drawing Moral Borders

Inevitably after a spontaneous explosion, stabbing, or truck attack in America or Europe a few standard trends form on social media. There is the standard “#prayforcity”, the flag filters, the decrying of terrorism from all sides of the political spectrum. As you observe the posts among progressives a few other ones emerge as well. The... Continue Reading →

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